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PostSubject: Read first!   Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:28 pm

Hello community,

here you will find the format, informations and the rules you must follow in order to appeal your ban.


- Your ban duration must at least be 3 days or more.
- Make sure you follow the correct format, listed below, if you dont, the appeal will automatically rejected.
- Use proper English.
- Once your appeal is denied you can appeal again after five days. (Or told by a staff otherwise)
- The topic tittle must be: Ban Appeal - YourNick - Nick of the staff member that banned you.
- Dont spam under your or other appeals

Breaking any of these rules will make your appeal invalid and rejected.

Appeal format:

Ingame name:
Date of ban:
Who banned you:
Ban duration:
Screenshot of your ban window (F12):
Ban reason:
What did you get banned for:
Why are you appealing:
Any extra info you would like to add:
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Read first!
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