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PostSubject: Read first!   Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:27 pm

Hello community,

if you are here this means you want to report a player/staff which broke a rule. You must need to follow all steps.

Firstly, you must must make a new topic.

The title of the topic must contain the reported player/staff and the reason.

Example: “Reporting Oussema- Reason: Insulting/Flaming”


- You need to make screenshots about their rulebreaking. (F12) All screeshots need to be valid. Unnecessary screenshots can't help you.

- You are only allowed to post in other topics if YOU yourself are involved in the situation. Spaming the post and you will earn a warning point.

- Before posting your report, be sure that the player you are reporting actually BROKE a rule. A complete list of rules can be viewed via F1>Rules in-game.

You have to follow this format:

Your In-Game Name:

Person you are reporting (name) :

Reason for reporting:

Any proof (Screenshot/Video):

Any extra information:
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Read first!
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