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 SAEG Rules

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PostSubject: SAEG Rules   Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:06 pm


1. No farming Posts

2. No adverts for other servers

3. No Insulting or annoying or flaming

4. No bumping old topics

5. No off-section posting

6. No trolling

7. impostering other players will lead you to a perma ban

8. Be Serious And keep reading rules updates.

9. Don't Provoke any player

10. Do not lie

11. No racism

12. Do not post Any thing have copyright

13. Do Not Speak Non-English in any topic or comment unless in the Non-English Board ONLY

14. Do not farm Posts

15. Don't be a smartass

16. No spamming

17. Do not advertise ur stuffs on the shoutbox

18. Do not post any forum topic link on the shoutbox

Punishments you can get when you break rules :

- Warning points

- Mute from posting

- Permanent Ban

-temporaly ban

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SAEG Rules
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